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Cinderella and her General, a lovestory or a crime?

This story has been translated into Dutch and written on this blog so that anyone, anywhere in the world can read this and pass it on.

On 18 December 2013, a man appears on my Skype. I call him Oscar, his real name is irrelevant. He wants to be accepted. I ask him why. He was looking for someone with my name and came to me. It was a nice conversation. His question was if I could not get on Yahoo. I was unable to create an account He did so, and sent all the credentials to me. It worked wonderfully. We had fun, but also nice conversations with a lot of understanding. He soon came up with the words "I love you". Not once, but with large quantity. Sometimes even too much. He told little about himself. Was a widower, had two sons and his wife lost. I asked him to send pictures of themselves and the photo on Yahoo, he turned to him in uniform. He did not only look good, but was a strong personality, who made ​​a deep impression on me. Had a special function in a war zone. I will not tell you where. The reason comes later in this story. According to him, his love for me in a short time was increasing, while I remained conservative, though I did find it more and more. Maybe I was already a bit of love. He talked about the fact that God would bring if we were meant for each other. Us together For me, the same rule applied. Moreover, I believe this additional. In beginning of the year 2013, a friend had predicted that I would meet a man. Uniformed, from abroad. I never doubt his story. Phrases like: I love you so much Maus I miss you with all my heart, dozens of times past

On December 25, he asked me to marry him. I found it very quickly, but his picture, I really believed in him. And sometimes true love can strike like lightning inside. It all went to fast, because I saw him only on paper. You never know who is really behind. He sent beautiful love letters and showed itself as the most romantic that you can think of. I printed the little love stories out to them again after reading. One of them, I will show that really deep touched me:
I love you so much, Sweetie. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You , the best song ever played, the best picture ever painted. I never thought that someone like me could get so lucky to have you with m In this life Maus. I love you and I trusted so much in you Maus you my future. I love you more than my life, more than my world. I love you more and more each day and that is the most wonderful feeling any man can ever hope to experience even though it is very late with me now I wish to have you with me soon my love.
On December 26, we had again nice conversations in the morning. Than he wrote that he trusted me enough now to tell you a secret. He wanted a package to come from another country. Or it might be sent to me. It did me no good. There was also a little voice inside me that kept saying: Caution Maus. I became angry and told him that this was very dangerous. I knew him only on paper. Had no idea who he really was. I told him that we were warned of this type of practice, and I did not need to get involved. Enough here to It could be drugs in it.
He became angry and called me suddenly woman instead of Maus or love. I told him that my name was Maus and he could call me so. I just had no sense here, took leave of him and put everything out. That night I heard nothing more. For sure, I called the police and asked him what I could do. I wanted to trust, but did not feel that confidence into my heart. The woman I spoke on the phone told that I should receive the first packet. So where is the police for, you ask at such time off, though there are good cops that give you real advice. This was really an exception.

On December 27, it still felt bad and I asked a good friend for advice. Oscar asked again and again to tell anyone about him, but because he did so secretive and no one was allowed to know, I had a friend who now feel his picture. It felt good the friend said, and maybe it was all well-intentioned. Just too dangerous from which he was to get the package. By now we had been talking about what he wanted. I told him that I only had a very small income and a debt to the bank. Anyway, I would never want to live in his country. All was not a problem. He had plenty of money and was also arranged those banking He just came to live with me and the house was too small, he wanted to buy a bigger house. It was for him not important not to live into my country. It was all too easy. Still, I did not dwell.

The friend felt nothing wrong with the picture itself and I always had the feeling that it would go well. We came back a little to each other until he said in an interview that he had yet to send the package. Assignment. I was a bit upset that he had done this yet uninvited. In the afternoon, I decided to drive to the U.S. base to ask what I could do. The confidence I had Oscar was gone. Was it a coincidence that the only person who was there at the time, had just disappeared? I had to after the holidays, but come back Monday. Police do nothing, a base where no one was present. Was this a coincidence, or I was in my feelings really wrong. I decided on the latter and took back in touch with Oscar. Maybe I was indeed wrong and it was all very innocent. Coincidence does not exist, I always tell myself so I had to assume that I was wrong. I explained the Oscar and told that I had an appointment after the holidays to the Monday on the base. I wanted to be honest, but did not know if it really came through. I really did not know whether he was honest or that he belonged to a gang that people brought properly into misery. I asked him if he really was the one for whom he impersonated. Was he reyl the General. or there was a totally different person behind that face? I really do not know. He never answered my questions. That of course could be dangerous in connection with his work, yet? I wanted to understand everything and was now quite impressed with him. He was a strong personality, which you have to watch out that you do not get snowed properly.

Who and what was Oscar in real life, I had no idea. The next morning it was back to normal. Pretended nothing had happened. For me it felt not really so. On the one hand, I was in love, and according to him he. On the other hand, felt the double. I was even quite in love, but remained wary. At one point he told me that I would get from the society that his package was sent to the Netherlands. Confirmation Okay then. I said A, this was B. The bill came in through the mail on Yahoo. I saw that there had to be 850 euros paid to shipping. Oscar asked me to pay that amount. Moment that Once the package was in my house, he will gave me a code to thereby open the package so I could make sure everything was fair.

This was for me the beginning of the end. I asked him where I had to get the hell away money. He did not believe that I did not even possess. What I could then pay, he asked again, very hard. The tone of the letters changed overnight. I still knew that he came here in a short time and would give what I needed? Me everything I still knew I could trust him in everything. Why should I not be able to pay that amount for him, he wondered. Incredibly, the man would not even understand that I had no money. I could still borrow from friends, he said quite cheeky. The tone changed more and more in anger, but I reminded him that I was not going to for anyone getting into debt. He had to send me the money first and then I would be receiving the package. The friend I had his photo show, and for which I explained this had the same feeling as I do. This is no longer true. Although we felt that neither of the picture. Out who was really behind it? How dangerous was it all in reality? Would anyone really his job as General risking a package?

I have the contact broken, just last night briefly explained why I refused. The General, when he is real, was very angry and told me to leave him alone. Well, I did. Had everything copied every day, stored and filed with two different friends, if anything ever happen to me. Did then removed him from Skype, as well as all of Yahoo. Have copied all the original interviews. No, I do not have to lick. Avoid injury. The infatuation disappeared immediately when he asked me to pay the bill. Am grateful to him even. For a long time I could not handle grief nine years. Now I discovered that I could fall in love again all was forgotten instantly. Is not it nice? But when I see his face on Linkedin I really melts. Feel my heart beating again. I can not believe that he has made to me. Abuse Maybe he is in a position that he can not really transfer? I really do not know. He looks so pretty and reliable. At this moment I feel that I want to be really close to him Yet he knew that I had nothing. So why ask so compelling? Now I've seen his face again ,I can not say it, therefore there is still too much sense

The only thing I have with it is now, is: should I turn him or not? Was all honest and well-intentioned or was it Scam? Is he really the General or is there something else behind. I really do not know. Today, the transition to the year 2014. A new start a new beginning. I would like to hear your opinion on this. You can give the bottom of the page, by clicking on the comments and give your opinion. My feeling is, on the one hand 'yes´, and so on the other hand, 'no'. It feels very double, a sign that there is quite a bit of sense to sit him. His photos are very trustworthy. Would two people with pictures work both have so wrong? Maybe these pictures abused by another person. Could it be that it was all really innocent and that he would really come to live here? I have no idea what to do. Perhaps you had the same experience? What did you do? You might want to tell you about it?

Reed here what is on the paper from the Telegraaf.
This story I have with the translator of Google translated sentence by sentence while writing it. My English is not good, though I learned a lot last 14 days. For that reason alone it was a special story. I hope to come back one day the real truth and to display it. So that any innocent people have no problems. My excuse for the mistakes I've made ​​in the English text.

I wish you all a wonderful 2014, full of love and happiness in all health.
Maus (maus-sturmer@home.nl)


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